Pre-Sale 2023

About the pre-sale campaign

Due to the Chinese New Year holiday, our factory and logistics services will be suspended for a period of time. 

At that time, we will use the pre-sale method to sell our products. We will begin processing orders on February 15th.

Happy Chinese New Year to all customers!

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Deadline: 2023.02.07


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FAQ about this pre-sale

When and what is the pre-order event?

1. The pre-order activity excludes the products of the selected EU warehouse carrier, and the deadline is: 2023.02.07.
2. When you choose the shipping method: Free Shipping/HongKong EMS, you can use the -20% discount code. Your order will be shipped on 2023.02.15.

What is the difference between -20% and the full discount code(-10%,-12%,-15%)?

1. The -20% discount code can only be used when Free Shipping/HongKong EMS is selected as the shipping method, and the order will be shipped around 2023.02.15.
2. The discount codes of -10%, -12%, and -15% only need to meet the relevant full discount amount, which is universal and does not limit the choice of transportation method.
3. When you choose the product of the EU warehouse carrier, you can choose -10%, -12%, -15% discount codes. We will arrange delivery after checking the inventory in overseas warehouses.

Can I cancel a pre-ordered item?

1. You can cancel your order at any time during the pre-order period. Please email us your order number and invoice, we will confirm and get back to you after the holiday.

Can I combine in-stock and pre-order items?

Absolutely! you can:

1. Create two different orders: one contains products in stock in overseas warehouses, and the other contains pre-ordered products. Items in stock in overseas warehouses will be shipped according to our shipping time policy.

2. Place a combined order and wait for the ordered items to arrive. In such event, the entire order will be held and fully shipped.

For more information about the pre-order campaign, please contact our Customer Service via email: [email protected]

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