House Bird Ornaments

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  • W 23 cm x H 26 cm
  • Black
  • White


House Bird Ornaments

One of the most popular decorations in the house is a black wooden bird known as the House Bird Ornaments. The Disigners found inspiration for the Housebird during a jaunt through the Appalachian Mountains, where there was a piece of folk art shaped like a wood bird.

This dainty and simple black Ornaments bird, with its tapered beak and smooth tail, is one of their most prized folk art. Exuding elegance, the House Bird Ornaments is designed with sophistication and precision to fit on any windowsill, resting on wire legs. Brings a sense of life and vitality when it stands on a windowsill or tabletop.

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House Bird Ornaments Size

  • W 23 cm x H 26 cm/ W 9,1″ x H 10,2″

House Bird Ornaments Details

  • Material: Resin
  • Weight: 1kg/ 2.2lbs
  • Style:Decorations
  • Color: Black,White,Peacock Blue,Light Blue,Yellow,Red,Green

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