Classic Punk Beat Aluminum handmade Pendant Light With Various Shapes For Restaurant

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  • Combination A
  • Combination B
  • Dia 20 cm x H 40 cm
  • Dia 25 cm x H 28 cm
  • Dia 36 cm x H 20 cm
  • Black
  • White


Beat Pendant Light

Rebelliously chic Punk Pendant Light, a bold fusion of artistic craftsmanship and alternative style. Let the raw energy and unconventional design of this pendant light ignite a rebellious spirit within your space, transforming it into a haven for those who celebrate art and non-conformity. With its edgy aesthetic, this pendant light is the perfect statement piece to adorn the walls of your restaurant, infusing it with a daring and unique charm. This avant-garde masterpiece showcases a collection of various shapes, each meticulously crafted to create a mesmerizing visual display. Whether you run a trendy bistro or a hipster-inspired café, this light adds a touch of punk elegance, creating an ambiance that embraces individuality and creativity. 

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Product Size

  • Size: Dia 36 cm x H 20 cm/ Φ 14.2″ x H 7.9″
  • Size: Dia 25 cm x H 28 cm/Φ 9.8″ x H 11″
  • Size: Dia 20 cm x H 40 cm/Φ 7.9″ x H 15.8″

Beat Pendant Light Product Details

  • Material: Metal/ Aluminum
  • Light source: E 27
  • Power:Max 40 W
  • Weight: 3 kg / 6.6 lbs
  • Finishes: Black/ White
  • Process: Cutting/ Punching/ Baking paint
  • Control method: push button switch (not dimmable)
  • We provide 150 cm / 59″ wires . Can be extended upon request

Purchase Notes

  • If you have problems with customs clearance and shipping damage, please contact us by email.Email address:  [email protected]
  • This order does not include bulbs.
  • Please notice and understand that color difference and measurement discrepancy are unavoidable.
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