The happy Easter holiday is coming, how much do you know about Easter? What is its origin, and what is the implication behind various festival activities? Let's have a good chat today.

What Is Easter

Easter is a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus, and Easter Sunday celebrates his resurrection from the dead. Easter is preceded by a period of fasting and penance that lasts 40 days and ends on Good Thursday, the day before Good Friday.

When Easter This Year?

Easter 2023 is April 9th. It is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox. Generally, Easter falls between March 22 and April 25.


Easter Tradition

Easter traditions include Easter bunnies, Easter eggs and Easter lilies. The Easter bunny is a symbol of fertility and new life, while the Easter egg represents rebirth and renewal. On the other hand, the Easter lily is a symbol of purity and elegance.

Easter Event

At present, Easter day is also regarded as an important festival in many countries, and various cultural traditions and celebrations will be held. These include Easter parades, egg hunts and special meals with family and friends.

Easter Gift

In the important festival of Easter, more and more people choose to give gifts to relatives and friends to convey happiness. Next, let me introduce several lighting decorations suitable for Easter gifts for you to choose from, and wish you a happy Easter.

Aballs Wall Lamp

The glass shade of the aballs wall lamp replica looks a lot like a delicate Easter egg. The aballs lamp replica showcases the minimalist beauty of geometric shapes. Aballs light replica can be placed anywhere in the hallway, bathroom and bedroom to provide you with lighting.

Stripe Cage Floor Lamp

Stripe cage floor lamp replica is a classic floor lamp. The cage floor lamp is simple and stylish, with a symmetrical aesthetic and a strong industrial vibe. The black cage floor lamp is made of high-quality materials, has a stable structure, and is durable, so you don't have to worry about later maintenance.

Memory Wall Light

Memory wall light is a lighting decoration with a strong festive atmosphere. The shape of memory wall lamp replica imitates a beautiful balloon, full of childishness and loved by children. The brokis memory is available in a variety of bright colors, so if you have a children's room, don't miss it.

Cesta Table Lamp

The design inspiration of cesta lamp replica is a delicate basket filled with a lovely egg, which fits the theme of Easter very well. The cesta lamp replica will create a soft light that creates a relaxing atmosphere. Cesta lampa is made of natural wood, like a natural work of art.

Sunset Table Lamp

Sunset table lamp is an ambient light that can create a romantic atmosphere, which is very suitable for setting off the atmosphere during holidays. Sunset table light can create the effect of sunshine, which is very popular among young people. Available in five sizes and two light colors, the sunset lampe is full of personality.

Saint Table Lamp

Saint table lamp mainly consists of a metal ring and glass ball. The minimalistic and elegant appearance of saint table light suitable for living room or bedroom. The aesthetic appearance of saint table lamp can enhance the artistic sense of your entire space.

Fabric Animal Series Lamp

The fabric animal series lamps are quite a fun lamp! Fabric animal series lights are made of fabric and metal, and the base is a variety of cute animals. Both adults and children are sure to be captivated by the fabric animal series lamps.

Lotus Glass Pendant Lamp

The suspension lotus has a very attractive shape. The lampshade of the suspension lotus is made of tinted clear glass, which can create a charming atmosphere in your living room. The warm and cozy light from the lotus glass pendant lamp is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.

Gregg Pendant Lamp

The design of the gregg chandelier is very natural and minimal. You can hang gregg pendant of different sizes at different heights, and it will look very artistic. The gregg pendant light is like a light cloud when it hangs in the air, making it feel particularly gentle.

Rabbit Table Lamp

How could Easter be without bunny decorations? Rabbit table lamp is very suitable for Easter, and it is also one of the classic decorative lights. You can place the hiding rabbit lampe on any low cabinet or nightstand. I believe that the cute shape of hiding rabbit will add a lot of fun to your space and life.

This is the end of this introduction about Easter lighting. If you want to know more interesting and charming lighting, welcome to our website to buy. During Easter, there are many discounts, don't miss it.