Branching Bubble Chandelier

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As a classic molecular light,Branching Bubble Chandelier features gorgeous glass lampshades and rotatable rods which allow various look. It will definitely shine your living and dinning room. Made of metal and glass. Available in five sizes and various finishes.

Note: more option detail, please see description for reference.

  • Black
  • Gold
Lampshade Color
  • Amber
  • Clear
  • Gradient-Blue
  • Gradient-Green
  • Gradient-Smoky Grey
Number of Bulbs
  • 5 Heads
  • 6 Heads
  • 7 Heads
  • 8 Heads

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Branching Bubble Chandelier

Designed by Lindsey Adelman in her New York studio, the Branching Bubble collection is inspired by the complex but interconnected forms found in nature. It consists of brass structural elements with hand-blown glass fixtures and is available in a variety of metal finishes and glass options to create unique configurations.

First born in 2006, the Branching Bubble Chandelier was inspired by the brass swivels and elbows found in industrial stores on Canal Street in lower Manhattan. Glass "bubbles" and metal arms create a device that is both modern and takes you back to the modern mid-century, reminiscent of early molecular diagrams. Each "branch" is movable and therefore customizable to fit any space. Available in horizontal or vertical cascades with a choice of 3, 5, 7 and 8 bubbles. Branching Bubble lamp adorn the massive ceiling with a warm glow that can also drip from the walls – the possibilities are endless.

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Branching Bubble Chandelier Product Size

  • 3 Heads Size: Dia 70 cm x H 45 cm / ∅ 27,6″ x H 17,7″
  • 5 Heads Size: Dia 120 cm x H 55 cm / ∅ 47,2" x H 21,7″
  • 6 Heads Size: Dia 130 cm x H 55 cm / ∅ 51,2″ x H 21,7″
  • 7 Heads Size: Dia 150 cm x H 55 cm / ∅ 59,1″ x H 21,7″
  • 8 Heads Size: Dia 160 cm x H 55 cm / ∅ 63″ x H 21,7″
  • 9 Heads Size: Dia 180 cm x H 55 cm / ∅ 70,9″ x H 21,7″

Branching Bubble Chandelier Rod

  • Rod Length: 20 cm + 40 cm/ 7.9" + 15.7" (Can be used singly or joined together-please inquires if you require the longer rod.)
  • Rod color: Black, Gold

Branching Bubble Chandelier Lampshade configuration

  • Small: Dia 15 cm/5.9''

Branching Bubble Chandelier Glass lampshade color

  • Gradient-Blue/ Gradient-Green/ Transparent/ Amber/ Gradient-Smoke Grey

Branching Bubble Chandelier Product Details

  • Material: Aluminium/ Glass/ Metal
  • Light source: E 27
  • Power: Max 40 W
  • Weight: 3 kg/ 6.6 lbs
  • Control method: push button switch (not dimmable)
  • We provide 150 cm/ 59″ wires which can be extended upon request.

Purchase Notes

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  • This order does not include bulbs.
  • Please notice and understand that color difference and measurement discrepancy are unavoidable.
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