Wall lamps

Table Lamps

TWO Table/ Wall Light

The functional TWO Table/Wall Light has a metallic caged body with a leather handle, which can be hung on the wall or set on the table. It not only reveals the luster of metal and leather, but also creates lots of fun.
Wall lamps

SELVIA Antique Wall Lamp

Royal SELVIA Antique Wall Lamp combines the elegant spherical transparent lampshade with retro colors, creating a wall light full of medieval taste. Available in two sizes and various finishes.
Wall lamps

RA Wall lamp

Ra wall lamp is set on the wall which looks like a beautiful necklace. Luxurious and elegant. If you want to turn a simple wall into a high class one, try this wall lamp.
Wall lamps

Nordic Glass Ball Wall Light

Nordic Glass Ball Wall Light is a beautiful wall sconce, which is like hanging a pearl, embellishing the wall and shining your room. Made of glass and metal. Available in various models.
Minimalist Line Wall Lamp is a wall lamp with a 'ring' which integrates perfectly into each interior space and embellishes it uniquely. It is mainly made of iron, which contributes to its modern high-level sense. Available in two different sizes and finishes.
Wall lamps

LUCINTA Classic Wall Lamp

LUCINTA Classic Wall Lamp is a minimalist wall light which is composed by a cone and a ball, creating a harmonious geometric beauty. It is small in size so it can be used in any corner. Available in two finishes.
Lampe Gras Wall / Ceiling light series is very practical which focusses on the usage without losing the sense of design. This series has a variety of designs with kinds of color schemes. It is suitable for bothe public places and residential areas.
Luxury Bathrooms require practical and functional lighting solutions for a primarily task-oriented space. Wall lighting in the bathroom is always a great choice because it helps to bring the light down to the level where you need it!
Wall lamps

Glass Tubular Wall Lamp

Glass Tubular Wall Lamp wall lamp is a classic elegant wall light. With fresh and simple color scheme, it shows the softness and warmth of glass products. Available in gold finish and two glass colors.
Wall lamps

Game Wall Lamp

Game Wall Lamp has a similar look of the traditional gramophone, but with a modern fashion. It's a combination of retro and simplicity. The freely retractable lamp arm greatly enhances its functionality. Available in two sizes and two finishes.
Wall lamps

ENGILLA Oval Ring Wall Lamp

ENGILLA Oval Ring Wall Lamp directly reveals the beauty of glass ball, since there is only a connected point between the spherical lampshade the the oval base. With the warm light and golden base, this wall light emits elegancy.
Wall lamps

Dot Wall Lamp

This Dot Wall Lamp emits open and warm light to perfectly improve your interior decoration, and at the same time achieves its retro and design feel. It is very popular with its special appearance design Available in three different color finishes.
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